Life’s a Beach!

What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than by heading to the beach? Yes, it is a little bit of a drive from Las Vegas, but it is still something you can comfortably spend a day (or a weekend) doing. It is especially a good idea if you have a family with kids and your air conditioning goes out—let one parent stay home to meet with the Las Vegas air conditioning company, while the other one packs everyone up for a day at the beach! To help get you started, here is a checklist of things you will not want to forget to take with you!

-Beach towels (at least one for everyone, and maybe an extra or two)








-Shovel and bucket

-Beach ball

-Other toys

-Lifejacket or swim floats for the little ones

-Snacks (nuts, dried fruit, pb&j sandwiches, raw vegetables, fruit snacks, etc.)

-Drinks (water, soda, juice, Gatorade—whatever floats your boat and keeps everyone happy)

-A cooler with ice

-A gallon size ziplock bag for each person to collect shells in.  They tend to be a little dirty and can get smelly—protect your car!

-A large garbage back or two to put any wet clothes or towels in. Just remember to put them straight in the washing machine when you get home—avoid that mildew!


My Insinkerator

Not too long ago, I opened the cabinet under my sink and smelled something like rotten potatoes. I looked around, thinking maybe in a sleep-deprived state, I put the potatoes in the wrong place and forgot about them. No potatoes. But there was a nice damp spot on the bottom of the cupboard, seeping into the wood. It was smelly. I cleaned it up as well as I could, and then put down a cloth over the spot, so I could try to identify where it was coming from. After a while, I realized that it was my garbage disposal—it had a very fine crack down the side of it, and any time I ran water down that side of the sink or used the disposal, liquid would leak out of it.


I contacted a Las Vegas air conditioning place that also handled plumbing issues, and they recommended an Insinkerator—I had a Badger at the time. I went and purchased an Insinkerator (not the top-of-the-line one, but the one just below that) and then scheduled a time for the plumber to come and install it for me. I probably could have managed myself, but I also had new fixtures for my sink that I wanted installed at the same time. It works great, the smell under my sink has gone away, and it is so much quieter than my old one.

Soreness, Be Gone!

I dread working on the yard—until I am out there working on the yard. There is something incredibly rewarding about the physical work, being outside, and being productive, all mixed into one thing. The next day, though, I can feel it. My muscles are stiff and sore. It’s a good sore, but it is still sore, and I could live without it. So what are some ways that you can prevent (or minimize) sore muscles after a day of yard work?


-You could hire a Las Vegas landscaping company to do the work for you. While you lose out on the rewarding feeling of doing it yourself, you also skip the sore muscles. And you can stay productive and get a rewarding feeling by doing something inside while they work outside—maybe clean out and organize your pantry?


-Before you start, take a dose of Advil or Aleve. Do the same when you finish (assuming it has been 4-6 hours). This will help alleviate any soreness.


-Stay hydrated! If you are dehydrated, your muscles will fatigue faster and the lactic acid in the muscles (the thing that causes the soreness) will build up and not be flushed out.


-If you are going to be doing a lot of bending or lifting, stretch first. Go onto YouTube or Hulu and find a 10-15 minute stretching video and do it!


-At the end of the day, soak in a bath with Epsom salts for about 20 minutes before you shower.

Hair Everywhere!

We all love our pets, but if you are anything like me, you could do without the hair. I have two dogs, and I got them at different times. My first dog is a pure-bred miniature poodle, and he spoiled me. He does not shed—at all. A year and a half later, I got my second dog. He is a mutt (I have no idea what kind of dog he is) and he sheds like crazy. I can keep it under control through regularly vacuuming, but the vacuuming just does not cut it for my area rugs, and unfortunately all of my area rugs have black portions, which make his hair really stand out. And there is something about the rug that really grabs onto the hair a lot more than the carpet itself does, and vacuuming alone just does not get the job done. After some trial and error, these are my go-to methods for getting that hair up (other than calling an Orlando rug cleaning company to take care of it for me):


-A lint roller. This is only practical if you have a smaller area rug. Anything much bigger than a 3’ x 5’ rug, and you will be hating yourself half-way through. But it is very effective.


-A rubber broom. You can usually find these in the home and gardening area of stores, and there is something about the rubber bristles that really grab the hair up off the carpet.

Passing the Sniff Test

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and it just smells a little—off? Chances are, your carpets are to blame. They absorb so much that you aren’t even aware of, and over time, they can develop a smell that slowly pervades the room. You can prevent this by regularly vacuuming your carpets (even daily, depending on the level of traffic the room gets). But keep in mind that just because your guest bedroom doesn’t get used more than twice a year does not mean that it should only be vacuumed twice a year. Vacuuming is important if you want to extend the life of your carpet and want to avoid those unattractive odors.


So, what do you do when you do have an odor? There are two main options that come to mind. First, consider calling an Orlando carpet cleaner to professionally clean your carpets. Second—and this is a much more temporary solution—you can buy carpet deodorizer powder that you sprinkle over your carpets, let sit and the vacuum up. The latter option is a band-aid solution; it is masking the odor, not removing it. If you want to address the odor itself, you will need to buckle down and get those carpets cleaned.

Least Favorite Things…

I love a clean house, but there are certain chores that I really hate doing. I have a Roomba, so vacuuming is a breeze. Dusting is easy, and doesn’t take much effort, and as strange as some people may find it, I love cleaning the kitchen. Mostly, that is because I love a clean kitchen most of all. And I always end my cleaning ritual by dropping an orange peel down the garbage disposal. The orange always tastes great, too.


My least favorite chores are the ones I only do a couple of times a year—cleaning the chandelier and the ceiling fans. For someone who is vertically challenged (like myself, standing at a whopping 5’1”), these tasks are incredibly inconvenient. And my chandelier requires a 9 foot later for me to get to it—it hangs from the second floor ceiling. Needless to say, it is a chore I would rather not have to do.


I was therefore thrilled to discovery that most Las Vegas window cleaning companies will clean your chandeliers and ceiling fans for you, for a small additional price. So, now, whenever I have my windows washed (also only a couple of times a year), I have them clean my chandelier and ceiling fans, too.

Spring Cleaning

There are a lot of things we use in our every day lives that we don’t give the attention they deserve.  I have been thinking about one of these things a lot recently–something that we probably abuse more than anything else in our houses. Carpets. We walk on them, we sit on them, we play on them, we sometimes even sleep on them. Yet, other than vacuuming them, we rarely take the time to really clean them.

There is nothing better than the feel of clean carpets beneath your bare feet. So why is it so hard for us to take the time to call a carpet cleaner and get it done?  Perhaps it is the investment; perhaps it is the noise of the machines; perhaps it is damp carpets just after they are cleaned. But all of those little downsides are worth the outcome: fresh, clean carpets. So take the time and find an Orlando carpet cleaner today.

So how often should we be cleaning our carpets?  I have always had a goal of once a year, but I cannot for the life of me tell you where I got that from. And I have yet to meet that goal. In fact, unless I have a spill or notice a stain, I don’t even think about it. It wasn’t until recently that I began to think about the condition of my carpets and what regular care they should be getting.

After doing a little research, I discovered that there is no set rule for how often carpets should be cleaned.  As with many things in life, it depends a lot on the circumstances. If there is low-traffic, you can go longer without having them cleaned. If there is high-traffic, you will need to have them cleaned more frequently. So, a person living by his or herself will not need to get his/her carpets cleaned nearly as often as, say, a family of four. Other things trigger the need for more frequent carpet cleanings, too: whether you own cats or dogs, where you live and what gets tracked in regularly, whether you wear shoes in the house, etc.  That said, my research did reveal that most professionals agree that, regardless of the above factors, most carpets will need to be cleaned at least once a year. So when it comes time to find an Orlando carpet cleaner, keep these things in mind.

And even though scheduling a time for a carpet cleaner to come to your home may be inconvenient and even seem like a pain in the butt, remember that the few hours a year that you invest in your carpets is well worth it.